Best Advertising strategy used by International Brands

To bring the product or service to the face of customers, brands follow certain procedures to the customers and make them feel the urge to buy their product or service. The steps taken for this process can be called a strategy.

Let’s look at some of the examples.

Advertising strategy used by Nike

When we hear the word, Nike, we visualise its logo. They branded the logo by doing partnerships with Sports events, the Olympics, Athletes, Sports equipment and their necessities.  

We can’t call Nike fashion wear. Why? Because of the marketing strategy. They embraced themselves in the mind of the customers by targeting human psychology. 

What do I mean by Human Psychology? So, they understood how human emotion works for fitness freaks, Sports enthusiasts and Athletes. Making motivational videos that will inspire even the non-fitness and sports enthusiasts to get up and move their bodies. Nike’s profound understanding of human psychology played a pivotal role in their success.

Crafted with relatability in mind, Nike’s taglines and advertisements resonate deeply with individuals in these spheres, forging a lasting connection.”

Advertising strategy used by Pixel Phones

“Sundar Pichai, the face of Pixel, takes center stage during Google’s product and service launches, readily engaging in interviews. Who is his audience of choice? Tech influencers, the driving force behind the pinnacle of influencer marketing in this digital era. People now turn to influencers before making purchasing decisions.

Being the CEO of the biggest company with huge money to advertise anywhere, I feel Sundar Pichai has chosen the Influencer segment. 

“Pixel”, by hearing the word we visualise the camera. Pixels has successfully branded themselves as the Best smart phone camera. Though many other phones claim themselves as best, but identifying a phone based on the camera goes to Pixel

In contrast, other phone brands have taken the route of self-proclaimed excellence in every category, maybe customers are fed up because, it has become very common for phones to label themselves best in all technical aspects. Consequently, when we hear these other names, we fail to recognize them for their unique specialties, eliciting a mere ‘oh, okay’ response.”

Advertising Strategy used by Red Bull 

Premium drink for every occasion. Red Bull targeted university students, Came forward to conduct fests, events and parties by inviting local celebrities and influencers. 

Red Bull’s tagline, infused with a delightful touch of sarcasm, playfully asks, “Bro, so after drinking Red Bull, will you fly?” This artful blend of wit and charm has propelled Red Bull’s products above and beyond its competitors. Red Bull often associates with energy drinks but it has ingeniously established a unique association in customers’ minds that having Red Bull at parties will elevate social status. This perception is reinforced by the drink’s price point and non-alcoholic nature, making it an exclusive choice that exudes prestige while offering refreshing taste sensations.

Red Bull’s brand expansion knows no bounds. By creating championship environments, they have successfully immersed audiences in exhilarating experiences. Not stopping there, Red Bull’s ingenious strategy involves providing free Red Bull throughout the entire event, captivating taste buds and fostering a subtle addiction. This masterful approach entices the audience to not only embrace the invigorating taste but also develop a lasting affinity for the brand.

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