Best Advertising strategy used in India

Cadbury dairy milk

Eat sweet before starting any good event, celebrate happiness with Cadbury dairy milk silk, and propose to your partner using Cadbury dairy milk silk. When you listen to such taglines what does it come to your mind?

For me, I will say that they understood the Indian market and consumers. India is a country which is diverse and very unique compared to other nations. For example, for every 200KM let’s say, the way people receive, cook, celebrations varies. It’s very hard to grab their attention. But if we look closely we all are associated with some common qualities. These are the qualities that Cadbury Dairy Milk understood and implemented in their advertisements, 

Proposing or having time with our crush is very new to our country India. So, Cadbury grabbed it and made it their space. In our Indian homes, before we start something new or celebration we start with offering our local special foods, juices or sweets. Understanding this situation Cadbury added their dairy milk silk to that list where before you start something eat sweet. By saying these they are displaying their product along with other sweets. 

The way Cadbury understood the Indian customers and their psychology it came up with such interesting advertisements.

Tupper Ware

Our go-to household necessities. Tupper Ware didn’t spend much on advertisements but they are focused more on Word of mouth. They used “D2C” direct selling to customers. 

Since I am talking about Tupper Ware, Let me give you one of my life examples. It is in year around 2012 or 2010 when my friend brought Tupper Ware to class. I loved the quality of the product and decided to buy it. So, the next day I took my mom with me to the grocery shop to search for the product. I couldn’t find it. We went to a few more shops to buy it but the result is negative. The next day I asked my friend where did he buy the bottle, and he has given me the home address. I was astonished, why would someone who has such quality products sell them in their homes? Then I didn’t realize but later after a couple of years, I realized that Tupper ware is providing employment to housewives and taking them on trips, giving them a share for selling their bottles.  

Tupper Ware has installed in our minds that, a product which can’t be brought through shops but rather can be brought from our neighbours. This strategy made Tupper Ware unique in selling compared with other brands. 


Why would someone buy old radio speakers When I have smartphones and the latest Bluetooth devices? In this fast-moving generation, do we prefer a smart device or an old device?

I will pick up a smart device that looks cool, has all the features and goes with the trends. But, in particular situations, I will go for old ones, that is while gifting them to our parents and grandparents. Bringing them back to nostalgia, taking us back to their time, their songs, tunes and dances. Their will to bring back the old melodies of our grandparent’s time. Making them feel special and unique. 

Carvaan came up with this strategy to target this section of people. “Gift it to your loved ones”. Carvaan Branded keeping its old design in the market but with a unique strategy/ 

Hope you guys find this insightful.